As excitement builds for the upcoming ECHAlliance Digital Health & Wellness Summit, we bring you an engaging interview with Jean Philbert Nsengimana, the Chief Digital Advisor at Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC). He’s all set to join us as a speaker in Barcelona, sharing insights during the sessions ‘Africa is Rising – Africa Digital Health Networks’ and ‘Data And Digital – Elevating Healthcare Transformation’ on 28 February.

  1. Tell us why you think the area of Digital Health and Data are important in the field of healthcare?Digital health and data are crucial for improving healthcare access, quality, and equity across Africa. They allow for more personalised care, better disease surveillance, and more efficient health systems. Digital tools can expand reach to underserved communities and strengthen data-driven decision making.
  2. Where is Africa as a continent when it comes to Digital Health adoption and innovation?Africa has seen rapid growth in digital health adoption, with countries leveraging solutions like telemedicine, mHealth apps, and electronic medical records. However, there is still room for greater innovation and infrastructure development to realise the full potential.
  3. Where are there opportunities for the rest of the world within the African Continent? There are opportunities for global collaboration around emerging technologies like AI and genomics to improve care. The continent’s diversity and need for affordable solutions also enables it to pioneer frugal innovation. Africa can be a testbed for technologies to then scale globally.
  4. Where are there opportunities for Africa across the globe around digital health and data?Africa’s innovations in digital finance and identity can translate to the health sector. Its experience in adoption of mobile solutions provides lessons for implementing digital health. The continent also has opportunities to participate in global health data sharing to advance research.
  5. Where do you see the place of Africa on the global digital health map in 2050? I am optimistic Africa can become a leader in digital health by 2050. With continued investment and policy support, it can leverage its youthful population, tech talents and mobile penetration to build inclusive and ethical data systems. This will empower Africa to enhance care quality, equity and ultimately health outcomes for its people.
As we close this insightful conversation, we invite you to be part of the Digital Health & Wellness Summit on 28 February at 4YFN during the Mobile World Congress.
Join us to engage with our team, share your thoughts, and explore potential collaborations.

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